Wow, rumour of a Fuji monochrome camera

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Re: Wow, rumour of a Fuji monochrome camera

The idea of a Fujifilm monochrome camera would certainly be an amazing thing.

But the reality of being stuck on APS-C format sensors.. hummmm sorry, a competition the Leica or even less for something like a Phase One IQ3 100MP Monochromatic, it is certainly not.

The really AMAZING bomb would be Fujifilm releasing a Monochrome GFX100/50S/R. That, at a lower price point, would completely obliterate the ridiculously priced $8,295 Leica monochrome to dust and utterly destroy the absurd $49.990 Phase One to shreds.Just

Just imagine.. a Medium Format Monochrome camera for less than a FF Monochrome Leica! I can't fathom all the Leica fanatics frantically coming up with all sorts of the most amazing and fantastic excuses for trying to defend their godly Black & White babies, while all of Phase One's sales of their Black & White back would come to an immediate and permanent halt and all of its half a dozen owners would probably want to directly commit suicide.

Either way, IMO that's not going to happen (or at least not anytime soon since Fujifilm themselves already announced this year there will be no new MF cameras), but it would certainly be a happening more fun to witness than the event of the actual news of the new camera's release.

Go Fujifilm!

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