M10 Monochrom Interest?

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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

ochastan wrote:

But have you heard of any issues with the M10? Like you I have been shooting Leica since 1995. I did not feel that the M8 and M9 were anywhere near what I wanted and I painfully waited until the M10 came out to get one. ZERO regrets. It is the best Leica camera that I have used since my MP and M7. The M10M (which I tried for a while) is the same camera with better DR and resolution.

I hear you about over the top reviews but knowing that the M10 works flawlessly and now we have a higher res one coming (albeit a monochrome one) is amazing. The reviews I have read are in line with my own experience for what it's worth. Super exciting!

True, the M10 has no real issues. I do have a couple of frustrations though, mainly regarding the "lag" on start-up/wake-up. It drives me up the wall. Nobody mentioned that in the early reviews I saw.

For the rest, I am happy, but less relaxed than in the film days, simply because any marginal misfocus gets noticed by me and by clients, simply because everyone now routinely zooms into any picture that catches their fancy. A pinch or a double tap on any stupid device, and, bingo, you get more magnification than a 10x loupe on a velvia slide. That is what worries me with a 41MP Leica M.

The M10M is tempting and scary...

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