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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

Bags27 wrote:

Lobbamobba wrote:

2. The fact that the mechanical RF cannot really cope with focusing at such resolutions, due to calibration tolerances/drifts and due to the consequences of focus/recompose on plane of focus.

Sorry but I don't buy that.

+1 Sean Reid--an honest reviewer if there ever was one--has posted 3 separate, highly detailed studies of the M10M and concludes it's perhaps the finest camera he's ever used--and bought one himself. Certainly he and Jono Slack--of similar integrity and discernment--would have noted that, were it the case.

Please note I have been a happy Leica M photographer since 1994,  and have iterated through each generation of digital Ms, except the 240. So I am far from negative towards the brand or the M platform or ignorant of how that platform operates. I am not trolling.

There is a traditional review "curve" whenever Leica launches a product, something akin to Gartner's hype cycle. The first wave of reviews is always enthusiastic, on the verge of ecstatic, from Leica-centric bloggers as well as from early adopters. Always.

I have seen this for the M8, the M9, the first Monochrom, the M240 and its main variants and the M10 and its variants. The names of those reviewers are pretty constant through the years, and their writing quite predictable. Many are competent and honest, including the two names you mention (I subscribed to Reid Reviews for quite a few years, and I have interacted with Jono on other forums).

In the Leica world more than in others, the reality of issues emerges later on, once the dust of the launch has settled. When users start sharing frustrations. This was the case with the M8 "filtergate", the M9 CCD limitations, the M9 sensor breakages followed by M9 sensor "rust", the blown highlights of the first Monochrom, the flaring issues of the early 50 apo specimens, etc, etc, etc.  Complete enthusiasm of early reviews, followed by reality check, fixes, etc.

I suggest we reboot this conversation a year from now, and I'll eat my hat publicly if the potential issues I flagged elsewhere in this thread have not become common knowledge.

Meanwhile, I'll just have to find a way of trying this M10M for myself.....

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