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Re: Xpro2 to Xpro3 R.O.I. experience

No camera will make one a better photographer.  A camera is a crappy investment and one needs to look at a camera like a boat - a hole in which to throw good money after bad, a.ka. a black hole for dollar bills.  

That being said I have updated my XPro2 with the XPro3.  With money form selling the Pro2 and some lenses sitting around collecting dust, I paid for the XPro3.

The XPro3 has some features I value, protected LCD makes it much more flexible for many of my uses as I always worried a but about a 3 inch piece of glass exposed and screaming break me.  The EVF on the Pro3 is head and shoulders above the Pro2 and is actually usable and the little focal point overlay in the OVF is now very usable.  Because of that the manual focusing aids work better and manual focusing is faster in the Pro3 than Pro2.  That opens up the lens flexibility. That also means the OVF overlay (I mostly use the OVF with the XPro) is significantly better and more useful.  You can actually read the numbers in the Pro3!  The OVF lost a magnification level.  However, for the lenses I normally use - not a big deal.  The 23-50/56 are work the same in the OVF in the Pro2.  The 90 does not work too well in the Pro3 OVF.  It was a little better in the Pro2 OVF but I normally use the 90 on my H1.  The improved EVF makes the Pro3 very usable for all lenses.  So to me the Pro3 is not as specialized as the Pro3.  I don't like to use and EVF, doesn't matter if on the XPro or XH.  But at least now the EVF on the Pro3 is as good as the one on the H1 and T3 if I want to use it.

The AF on the Pro3 is better and the low light focusing is better. The sensor is a little better but they are very close.  The metering of the Pro3 is a little more honest as I found the Pro2 was obsessed with preserving highlights.  So I find myself applying a -1/3 stop exposure compensation often to the Pro3 which I would not do with the Pro2.  That is only an issue in outdoor scenes with deep shadows and bright sunlight - like in an open forest.  But they give us a nice little EC dial right at your thumb.

Physically the XPro2 and XPro3 are probably Fuji's best built cameras.  The H1 is how built like a tank.  However, my cameras go with me and they can take a licking.  My Pro2 had some scratches and bronzing on the top.  I was happy to pay a few extra bucks for the DuraTech finish which is much more scratch resistance than paint on the Pro3.  I always had the Pro2 in a half case which could be somewhat a pain.  With the Pro3 I find no need for a half case.  That might not be for everyone but at least it is an option.

The only area I do prefer the Pro2 design over the Pro3 is the grip.  I cut my teeth on a Leica M4 and see no reason for a lump under my right hand.  I would prefer no grip on the XPro so with the little larger grip on the Pro3 I find I prefer the Pro2.  Of course I will get used to the grip over time.  He raised right side on the back, however, gives me a nice lip for my thumb.  I had a thumb grip on my Pro2.  With the lip on the Pro3, I don't see any need for the after market thumb grip.

So for me the upgrade was worthwhile.  I can't answer if it is worthwhile for anyone else. It depends on the individual requirements.  For me it was.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  

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