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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

RSColo wrote:

Why? Is a camera that only takes B&W not very interesting? Is the fact that this is the third camera in the Monochrom series mean it is unimportant. If this was a new Q or the new white version of an existing lens there would probably be more conversation. It just seems strange to me. Of course I am biased being a big Monochrom fan. But I thought there would be more.

For me personal, it is an interesting camera concept. The target are professionals who are Leica M fans, and a niche of a niche group of people having fun with some extraordinary piece of equipment. And all the Leica influencers try to convince us that the Leica M10M is really extraordinary piece of equipment. Pricetag: a whopping 8200€ for a manual focus range finder camera.

Would I shoot with one: definitely, if somebody would lent me one.

Would I buy one: definitely never. For me personally it is a waste of money: I do not see that my images would be any better with the M10M. I am more than happy as a amateur who loves taking photos as a hobby to use the BW mode on my Leica CL: I can really see the BW image in the EVF. Through the M10M rangefinder viewer I see a color image  which I have to convert into BW myself in my head. Using the additional EVF blocks the hot shoe.  If I would need a 35mm sensor, I would buy a Q, a Q2 or an SL2. An M10M with a build in EVF would have been a better choice for me.

The only advantage of the Leica M10M is the higher light efficient since the color filters are missing. ISO 12500 on the M10M is equivalent to ISO 6400 on a Bayer camera. I gain one stop in noise performance. However, at very low light, where you fine some influence youtube view of the M10M, I would never be able to focus properly with the range finder: my eyes are to bad. The youtube video is shot with the M10M on a tripod and with live view but not in the range finder mode!

Why should I pay 8K for excellent low light B&W performance if I do not get sharp images? A EVF with AF is better for us old folks. I also did never understand why I need a 40MP+ camera. Large files, large external NAS as backup needed. New computer with new software. And what do I do with the images? I only have 4k displays (I need 8MP) and limited wall space at home. More than 4-5 large prints 60x90cm I cannot hang.

Leica is also marketing driven and therefore a 40+MP sensor was needed even though it is of limited use for real images. Looks good on the box, but all the official Leica images we find on dpreview did not convince me.

For the ordinary men like me, 24MP is a sweet spot. Good enough even for larger print, motion blur is smaller than with 41MP camera where you are limited to very short shutter speed.

But that's my personal opinion. Other people might and will come to an opposite conclusion and will definitely have a lot of fun with this camera.

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