M10 Monochrom Interest?

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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

David Kieltyka wrote:

Mike2019 wrote:

a camera that only takes B&W is not very interesting

This is precisely why I find it interesting. It takes color off the table (unless you're *crazy and do something like take 3 shots with red, green & blue filters and then composite 'em together into a color image). Same as using b&w film: you see things differently when you can't use color as a compositional element in your photos. Limitation can be a good thing. Is it worth US$8K when I can load b&w film in my M3 or M6 instead? Haven't yet decided…


*If I ever get a Monochrom I'm definitely doing this!

At each Monochrom launch, I load a roll of HP5 in my M6 and spend a couple of days remembering both the fun and the limitations. It took care of GAS for the two first iterations. This time, the proposition has the added attraction of 41MP, which brings the system to a whole new potential compared to conversions of the M10's 24MP files.

Two things that pull me back from the cliff edge:

1. As for all versions, the need to use filters at shooting stage (if you want to play with tone balances), compounded with the impact of orange/red filters on RF-based focusing precision;

2. The fact that the mechanical RF cannot really cope with focusing at such resolutions, due to calibration tolerances/drifts and due to the consequences of focus/recompose on plane of focus.

The M6+HP5 is radically more forgiving for point 2, and even provides real organic grain, rather than the fake "grain" many people add to their digital b&w photos....

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