Xpro2 to Xpro3 R.O.I. experience

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Re: Xpro2 to Xpro3 R.O.I. experience

I have an XP2. I have tried the XP3 and decided: Nope.

The difference between an XP1 and XP2 is like different planets.

My bottom line is: will the new camera help me get better images?

I have tried the XP3 for a couple hours at the store (on the street) and the answer is: no. There was a clear, crystal clear difference between the XP1 and XP2, it was huge. On the other hand, the differences between the XP2 and the XP3 are incremental.

The only benefit that I saw was the face/eye AF which is much better but I don't much street. My portraits are not "hidden".

If they had a "proper back button focus" and a "proper AF-C/C-AF" like on my Canon:

  • button under the thumb
  • the af-c can also be used for static objects/people
  • better predictive af-c (I do a lot of running dogs)

then I would be interested, but right now it looks that will keep working with the XP2 until the XP4...

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