Using Elements+ for Soft-Proofing?

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Re: Using Elements+ for Soft-Proofing?

Flycaster wrote:

I'm using Elements+ plugged into PSE14. Monitor (Dell U2312HM) has been calibrated with ColorMunki Display. I'd like to use Elements+ Soft-Proofing ability, but not sure how to do it. Printing to be done at Walmart, but don't have their printer's ICC profile. A few questions:

1. Do I select "Preserve RGB numbers"?


2. Do I select "Black point compensation"?

Yes if that’s going to be used for the conversions when you convert TO the output color space.

3. If Yes or No to 1 & 2, why?

Preserve isn’t used this way. It’s aim is to show you via soft proofing what the image in the current color space would look like IF you printed without the output profile and you’re not going to do that.

BPC is best used for conversions because with no harm and depending on how the profile was built (by what product), it could be useful to compensate for black mapping.

Now most importantly, you can soft proof fine. But can you actually convert to the output profile in Elements? Will the lab provide and allow you to use it to convert if Elements can?  Because if you can’t, this is mostly a big waist of time.

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