SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

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Re: SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

Johan Borg wrote:

wessel wrote:

I installed the firmware again along with the SDQ_setA.bin.

This solves most of my blur problems, I now see the same sharpness as with my DP0Q :), but there is still more noise then the DP0Q (with all lenses). Perhaps that the apsH sensor size provides more data and the hardware is more stressed?

I suspect it's because the sd sensors contain phase detection pixels while the dp sensors contain highlight protection (darker) pixels. I don't think there's a quality difference between sdQ and sdQ H on a pixel level.

The highlight protection pixels allows Sigma to saturate the dp sensors a little bit more before highlights are totally gone, giving you less noise in otherwise similar conditions.

I've not heard about the dpQ's Highlight Protection Pixels? Is this documented anywhere? How are they implemented, and how much highlight protection do they give? I'm kinda curious.

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