Update: BeatLog-II + Beat's Flat

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Re: Update: BeatLog-II + Beat's Flat

beatboxa wrote:

Varuas wrote:

worldaccordingtojim wrote:

Can you share the picture profile?

Beatboxa is one of the best posters here and we are lucky to have him use Z and share his expertise. That being said, it would be great if he uploads these profiles (name them beat-log-II, beat-flat, etc) to google drive or somewhere we can download. I tried replicating his profiles but not sure if I did things right. It would be download his profiles and compare.

Please do consider it, beatboxa!

Appreciate the kind words, and will do.

Give me a bit. I'm still checking some things out, and I'm debating whether the flat (which I've since tuned a bit more) or the log will actually end up being better.

It's unfortunate I won't have the camera for a few days to test with.

I can only agree with Varuas comment, so much great work from Beatboxa! It's a joy every time your name pops up in a thread.

I have been trying to replicate the curve you described in Picture Control Utility but for some reason, my results always have more noise in them compared to something like eoshd L-log. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong? Any update on sharing your profile? I can give you a dropbox link where you could dump it into.

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