Some fussy M6 II video questions

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Re: Some fussy M6 II video questions

Photato wrote:

4 2 2 10bit looks good on paper, unfortunately the M6 II sensor is not reading out 4K worth of resolution, so I don’t think it would be worth the trouble. Just my opinion though, I have not tried HDMI recording. 10bit could be worth a try but I dont think this sensor in video mode is giving out 10bit worth of Dynamic Range either.

You could be right. I have no idea TBH. Worth a try though.

This is weird since many reviewers were complaining about that. The M6 II like its predecessors down to the original M are capable of loading custom profiles.

Yes. It doesn't seem to be any issue. And several flat profiles to try out.

I have not heard about any specific date, but Canon for all they care might drag its ass til December 2020, since they only said 2020 AFAIK.

It is ridiculous just the fact this basic feature is missing in the first place.

Personally, I don't care much about 24fps since I have settled with 30fps, prefer the smoother motion. But when you have a 24fps workflow then is a must.

It's not a "deal breaker" but it is so stupid it wasn't there to begin with. I would like to have it, however.

Asking all of this because I'm debating upgrading to the M6 II but want to experiment more with video. I'm well aware of the shortcomings but since I'm invested in the M system as my stills camera I'm reluctant to add/switch a system for what might end up being a dalliance.

I was in the same trap as you but reluctantly decided to upgrade to the M6 II since it was the easier, cheaper path. The upgrade was totally worth it mainly because the better video, faster AF, high rez for photos, the Raw Burst feature and the capabilty to control remotely Video and Photo from the app, although this last feature is not as good as Panasonic, very choppy almost unusable.

In my opinion the biggest issue with the M6 II regarding video is the resolution, this is more like a 2K-3K video camera and yes you can tell the difference even after a 1080p rendering when compared to real 4K, even Smartphone.

I've been weighing the options. Currently, I can sell my M50 kit to offset some of the cost of the M6 II (I would buy body only). I don't need to buy any lenses. I then get the best camera available in the system I really like. So if I find I'm not interested in pursuing video I still have a great stills camera.

The problem with jumping to a Panasonic/Fuji or going FF with a Sony or Nikon is that I'm looking at a very expensive system switch. If I really get into video the better move is something like a blackmagic. But that's too advanced for me to bother with right now.

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