SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

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Johan Borg Veteran Member • Posts: 3,001
Re: SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

wessel wrote:

I installed the firmware again along with the SDQ_setA.bin.

This solves most of my blur problems, I now see the same sharpness as with my DP0Q :), but there is still more noise then the DP0Q (with all lenses). Perhaps that the apsH sensor size provides more data and the hardware is more stressed?

I suspect it's because the sd sensors contain phase detection pixels while the dp sensors contain highlight protection (darker) pixels. I don't think there's a quality difference between sdQ and sdQ H on a pixel level.

The highlight protection pixels allows Sigma to saturate the dp sensors a little bit more before highlights are totally gone, giving you less noise in otherwise similar conditions.

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