SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

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Re: SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

I installed the firmware again along with the SDQ_setA.bin.

This solves most of my blur problems, I now see the same sharpness as with my DP0Q :), but there is still more noise then the DP0Q (with all lenses). Perhaps that the apsH sensor size provides more data and the hardware is more stressed?

Thanks EEvan, I would not have found this and was ready to give up on the SDQH.

I cannot always use the RAW files while travelling, SPP is just to slow for my field laptop

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I am now testing some glass on the SDQH, some nice , some worse.

For now: sigma 8-16mm is reasonable good, but ot tack sharp from 10mm and longer (compared with the 14mm dp0q)

Sigma EXAF 50mm macro f2.8, center is okay, corners only after f5.6, no AF

Sigma EXAF 15-30 Aspherical, large lens but very good, even full open, no AF, AF turns but is not precise.

Pentax SMC 50mm F1.7 (Kmount with modification pin) nice sharpness wide open, corners only bit behind, my number one choice for vintage 50mm

Pentax super Takumar 50mm f1.4 (M42), very soft but even image till f2.8

Auto SHinon 55mm f1.4 (M42) , very soft till f4.0, corners stay behind.

Pentacon mc 50mm f2.0 (M42

Auto Shinon 28mm f2.8 (M42) center sharp, corners better after f5.6

Eyemik MC 28mm f2.0 (M42) good center, corners are bad till f8.

Sigma MF 135 f3.5 mini tele, good sharp lens, even at f3.5

In the corner are a Shinon  135mm f2.8  and 200mm f3.5, next week...

I am also going to try a Samyang/rokinon 10mm f2.8 with Pentax mount, The Cine version (T3.1).

My experience so far is that all focus plane differences are workable between Pentax K and Sigma SA mount, you need to remove the Pentax aperture pin though...  perhaps the 10mm will be difficult since the lens only moves a few mm from infinity til close up.

thanks for thinking with me.


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