M10 Monochrom Interest?

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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

Not only this but as you mentioned, converting from color goes lots of PP options that we don't get from a monochrome sensor. To me the advantages converting from color gives me are way more visible and usable that those giving to me from a monochrome file.

Schrodingers_cat wrote:

RSColo wrote:

But there is very little about this new camera.


I'd probably like to play with one, but it just doesn't excite me enough to consider a niche product within an already niche product line from a niche manufacturer. And I personally prefer doing b & W conversions, although I can certainly understand how this camera would appeal to more of a purist or someone who specializes in b & W. I'm sure it's very good at what it does, it's just that it's strengths don't play to what I'm doing.

My M240 is already pretty niche, my Hasselblad 505 with a digital back is pretty niche, and there's just so much money for niches

The same sensor in a color version, with the same great body styling, would however grab my attention.

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