SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

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Re: SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

wessel wrote:

What firmware are you using? They had some effort to use different JPEG processing. I don't know which is which, but maybe one is closer to what you want?

All my camera 's are at latest firmware, first thing i do and i keep checking for all my gear.

Don't know if the previous versions had a different rendering, but from my point Foveon is about detail and not the ususal Bayer blur...

I believe this is a change to the firmware to change the jpeg behavior.

I realize that my first link doesn't go where I wanted to point. Here is the text:

In order to optimize the image quality, we have been developing and updating the firmware for the SIGMA sd Quattro . For the SIGMA sd Quattro, from firmware Ver. 1.05 onward, improved noise reduction has been implemented to the image processing function. Although this specification benefits the overall image quality, under certain shooting conditions or depending on subjects, it may look like the resolution is lower than before. For such customers, we would like to offer a new option for the image processing that prioritizes the resolution power.

In order to change the image processing mode of JPEG files, please refer to the PDF file "How to change the image processing mode". There is no change in the image quality of RAW data even when the image processing mode is changed.
In addition, for those who change the image processing mode, the change will remain even after updating the firmware in the future.

For those who prefer the current JPEG images or shoot in RAW mode, no change is required.

So I think you might desire the alternative JPEG they are describing in this. The other link is how to modify the firmware for the JPEG.

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