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HatWearingFool wrote:

This was the file I sent off for a test print this afternoon. It was done with LR +XT, but I was able to get to the same place with Exposure X5, Luminar, and Dark Table fairly easy. Lunmiar's Accent AI actually did an astonishingly good job except it haloed out the detail a little to fair from the girl. If it had worked completely I might have ponied up for it on the spot.

But I can't seem to figure it out highlight control in C1 so if you can let me know how to do it I would appreciate it.

I think I'll have to brighten it up a tad once I see the test print.

It's not fair to expect Capture One Express which lacks layers, masking etc... to be able to match Lightroom when in Lightroom you needed to mask the snow separately to bring down the get the highlights the way you wanted. Try it without the mask and see how you do compared to Capture One Express.

Anyhow, here is a quick conversion in Capture One Pro. I didn't try and match your conversion exactly, I'm sure if was an image that was important to me I could improve it just don't have the time. But as you can see, no lack of detail in the snow. For Layer 1 I used a luma mask to select only the snow.

Edit: Forgot to mention I used the Linear Response curve.

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