SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

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Re: SDQuattro H vs DP0Quattro

wessel wrote:

I recently bought a SDqH body, (next to my DP0q camera).

I always loved the "negative film" look and sharpness jpg straight out of the DP0q.

Razorsharp and no luminance blur at all.

The SDqH has a different image as it seems, it uses luminance blur in the images even if you set all JPG parameters off in the camera. This means I cannot use the Jpg files in the field and have to process all Raw

With RAW, the images look nearly the same (in SPP), but even at the lowest ISO the SDqH stuggles with some color noise in area's who are clean with the DP0q.

It seems the APS-H sensor might be a step to far, since I cannot see improvements of the larger sensor between APS-c and APS-h

I am interested to know if more SDQH owners see the same image difference.

What firmware are you using? They had some effort to use different JPEG processing. I don't know which is which, but maybe one is closer to what you want?

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