Which 70-200 for D850?

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Re: Which 70-200 for D850?

flashpixx wrote:

I have a 70-200 f4 VR which was a lovely lens on my D750.

Now that Im shooting a D850 I wonder am I compromising IQ (resolution) with this lens. I'm happy to purchase the new 70-200 E VR FL but only if I'm going to see an improvement in IQ??

I shoot motorsport, but also some still life.

You will get better resolution with the D850 + 70-200 f/4 VR than you got with the D750+70-200 f/4 VR.

You will get better resolution with the D850 + 70-200 f/2.8 E VR FL than you will get with the D850 + 70-200 f/4 VR.

System resolution improves with higher resolution bodies, AND improves with higher resolution lenses.

EITHER improves overall resolution; upgrading both increases overall resolution more.

But you don't "have to" upgrade lenses because you buy a higher resolution body - this is a myth.

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