Don't buy Wasabi EN-EL18 battery and charger for D850

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Re: Don't buy Wasabi EN-EL18 battery and charger for D850

Fullframer wrote:

Greyser wrote:

I'm a birder. To get 9fps out of newly acquired D850 I bought authentic Nikon EN-EL18c battery and Wasabi EN-EL18 replacement battery and Wasabi charger. The charger does not charge enough even Nikon branded battery. The camera still produce 7 - 7+ fps. with it. Wasabi battery is not recognized by D850 body at all.

When I borrowed Nikon charger from a friend I got expected 9fps.

Is there any working charger cheaper than outrageous Nikon MH-26aAK adapter? Do single battery chargers exist?

Unfortunately if you buy the over priced Nikon branded charger/batteries, you won't ever have a problem. It stinks, but it is what it is. I've had off brand, won't mention name batteries in the past, they don't hold up as well or last as long as genuine Nikon batteries.

Did you mean "fortunately?!"

Look at it this way - add up the body plus grip plus charger plus big battery, and you spent less than you probably would have if Nikon made a "D5X," which is more or less what you end up with.

And by the time the OP has purchased two or more chargers, however many varieties of cheap, knock-off batteries, and put his $3,300 body at risk using the potentially sketchy power sources, is he really making a good choice $$-wise?

Personally, I bought the whole Nikon charger setup with my D810, so I've now spread the cost of the charger over two successive bodies (D810 and D850 - works for both). And it and the genuine Nikon batteries work flawlessly. Seems like a bargain to me - buying cheap batteries and chargers is like buying cheap tripods; you end up spending more in the long run.

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