Will I see a difference? 18mm F2 to F1.4....

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Re: Will I see a difference? 18mm F2 to F1.4....

GreenBeer wrote:

I've currently got the WR F2 and love it. It's the primary lens I shoot with. I'm not as big a fan of the 23mm (which I understand is the go-to-street-shooter). In this last 3 month trip through 20+ countries I've only pulled out my 23mm twice - for close quarter street markets.

I simply prefer to capture more of a scene and crop later if needed. I also do a lot of landscapes. 18mm feels right.

The only issue I'm consistently running into is night photography, and inside bars / clubs, or on the street. The F2 is really limiting for moving subjects, (without flash).

Lenses are expensive, I've already got a bunch - would I see a big enough improvement moving to the non-WR Fuji 18mm 1.4? Or would it be pretty minor difference?

Any plans to update the 1.4 line in the near future with a WR model?


Obviously you would be thinking about an f1.4 in another focal length since there is none in 18mm.

Ask yourself if 1 stop of light would be enough. That would allow you to double the shutter speed. Would that stop movement in the situation you are dealing with? Would you be paying lots of $ to get you closer, only to be frustrated it isn’t enough? One stop might be all you need but might not.

Check the EXIF data for a shot you missed due to subject movement and determine if 1 stop is enough. If it isn’t, you would be hard-pressed to find anything faster (manual lenses notwithstanding) with that in mind, would you say the $ for the extra stop is worth it? Maybe temper your expectations?

Don’t hold your breath over a new lens.

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