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Rich42 wrote:

What problem has been found with Canon wireless printing?

I have a Pixma Pro 100 set up as wireless receiving output from 3 Macs. It's been rock solid for over a year.


I am tardy responding to your question.  have been busy trying to solve the printing problem issue.  However, here are the details and the results.

Attempts to print from an iPad to a Canon pro-10 printer resulted in the following:

The Ipad would make contact with the printer.  The printer behaved as though it was going to print the document by drawing in the 8.5 x 11 size paper.  The paper would be drawn in about halfway before stopping.  Where upon the amber light on the printer would begin blinking indicating an error.  The number of blinks indicated a paper size discrepancy.  Researching the discrepancy did not provide a solution.  Because it was possible to print successfully from the iPad to the Canon Pro-10 printer previously, and because it suddenly stopped printing about a month or so ago, I began wondering if the iOS update was the cause.  Telephoned Apple support to ask if they had a solution.  This proved to be a waste of time.

Finally contacted Canon support.  The first call did not provide a solution.  A subsequent call did provide a solution.  The key was the paper size discrepancy.  The tech person instructed me to open Safari and enter the IP address of the printer.  This opened a printer dialogue window.  Once there, the tech person asked if "Detect paper width" was checked?  It was.  He then said to uncheck this box and try to print a document.  It solved the problem.  Now why or how it became checked I do not know.  Moreover, I did not, nor ever have made contact with the printer in this manner.  Heck, I didn't even know about this method.  Now I wonder if the iOS update made this change.  Here is why.  If one decides to print a photo that is on their iPad, it will print out only a 4 x 6 photo. This may explain why the paper discrepancy issue occurred.  At least at this point that is what I surmise.  As previously stated, it was possible to successfully print from my iPad since first getting and using the Canon Pro-10 printer.  That is, until a month or so ago and coincidently after updating the iOS of the iPad

So that's the story.

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