Rebel T8i to be announced soon

Started Jan 30, 2020 | Discussions thread
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Re: Rebel T8i to be announced soon

Lemming51 wrote:

Richrf wrote:

pacnwhobbyist wrote:

Looks like it has a deeper grip than its predecessor.

Looking forward to seeing how they imaginatively brandish the Cripple Hammer this time. Would two dials with a decent OVF be too much to hope for?

If my aunt had ... she'd be my uncle. You get what you pay for. Add 2 dials and a decent OVF then it'd be an 80D.

It's not about crippling, it's about offering a full line from cheap, simple entry level to professional with lots of stops in between.

Cheap, simple, entry has been totally usurped by smartphones. If Canon Canon deliver a decent camera and lens at the smartphone price point, then it's DOA. Smartphones have way, way too many advantages in terms of ease of use and portability. Canon has said they are abandoning this market and they are being good to their words.

Costco will sell the T6 at $299.

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