A few changes that might make Leica's digital M the best event camera on the planet

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Re: A few changes that might make Leica's digital M the best event camera on the planet

shigzeo wrote:

ochastan wrote:

Some good ideas but really only applicable to specific needs. IMHO, I think that you're using the wrong camera for your line of work. This is not the best event/flash camera where speed and guarantee of result should outweigh any other considerations. Just my two cents.

But I mentioned clearly that I used to use Nikon dSLRs for the same work and found the Leica simpler and because of its simplicity, more reliable. I know how to calculate flash exposure manually, and can do every important adjustment on the M necessary to event photography.
Ms have been used for decades in events. Is it more foolproof to use a dSLR than an M? Well, to an extent. dSLRs don't focus as well in really low light, but they do autofocus. They aren't more reliable in the same circumstances.
I choose a traditional camera used in events and use it as an event camera, as do others. Again, we are a minority, but today, the M is a great event camera today and yesterday.

But that's the point. You have very specific needs that most people and myself for sure don't feel are necessary. I never had issues with the shutter speed dial for eg. I actually don't need any of your suggestions except for maybe #5 (never been an issue so far and is not super necessary) and #6 (only becomes an issue if you use the EVF and screen a lot but then why buying a camera with optical viewfinder?).

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