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You can always return it if it's not for you.

This is what we call a zero cost rental. It drives up the cost for everyone.

Why does it drive up costs?
Buying an expensive camera without actually seeing and handling it would be foolish. There are no local camera shops within 50 miles of me, so it’s my only option to buy mail order. The retailer is more than happy to send me the products I need with an understanding that if I’m not happy I can return them. It’s not very often I do return, as I do my research before purchasing.

I actually side with yes making a return is perfectly ok.

If the intention is to get a free rental then no, not the best of intention who ever this is, lack of a better word not "nice" or not honorable whatever...

Retailers understand this and have a return policy. I have returned camera bags, lenses cameras, flashes, new and used for various reasons but it is not common. Over the last 20 years it has happened. I dont abuse it or I would have my buying privileges refused by the retailer.

If I think I need to do a return I consider calling the used department first to sell as used. If I buy 4 camera bags to see what fits in person I have returned 3

We can do all the research in the world, read all the reviews watch videos But photography is part tactile. If you dont like the handling with many of these mirrorless cameras there is nothing to hold on to. For me it matters over it being a Leica or not. I will buy a grip for the Q2 if I decide to move forward. I am like 90% of the way there.

When I shot with Nikon one lens I purchased was the 14-24 mm 2.8 as I had a prospect for shooting real estate that ended up not working out. I liked the lens. then Nikon comes out with the 105 mm F 1.4 and I shoot events and head shots etc, SO what do I do now, I want that lens. I returned the 14-24 and bought the 105 mm spent even more money. I eventually sold that lens used. I was lucky to sell most of my Nikon gear privately so I made out better vs what a camera store has to pay.

When you return a given camera unless it is defective the camera store will re-sell the camera as new. If they put every returned camera up as used you would see a regular influx in the used dept of multiple copies of the same item, camera, lens, bag ,filter, flash

The camera store does have the right I assume to say your return has been used so much we cant give you all of your money back a restock fee and or revoke your buying privileges.


Totally agree, it's about not abusing the system. I've spent thousands with my retailer (who I'm very loyal to) and they appreciate that if something doesn't quite fit and is not right for me, they take it back and no questions asked.

In the UK, a consumer has the right to return any mail order item within 14 days. If I return an item, I'm just exercising my right as a consumer. Providing I haven't rattled off hundreds of exposures!!

High Street shops in the UK are declining rapidly due to a change in shopping habits and the fact that driving into city/town centres is a nightmare due to too many cars on the road. Public transport is non existent where I live. All things considered, buying mail order is my only option.

I don't know guys … this is a whole new subject. I don't return camera equipment unless it is broken on arrival or develops a mechanical in the return period. That is just me, and that has only happened once. I have spent so much money with B&H you would not believe it. I have never returned an item.

I would never return a camera because I shot it three weeks and decided I didn't like it. That is on me.

I'm not judging anyone else. But I don't think return policies are for people to test their gear and decide if they like it. Can you imagine if someone got to shoot a Leica Q2 or GFX 1000 for 3 weeks and then just returned it if it is not broken? No way. Not good. Bad Juju.

With a £10k (GFX100) or £4.5K (Leica Q2) purchase, I don't think it unreasonable to want to test drive it before committing. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive so why buy a camera without testing first. It would make sense for retailers to have a try before you buy system where you can pay a fee to try the camera and if you buy a new one, you get your money back/ deducted from the new price. Some manufacturers (Olympus) have a similar system and don't even charge for this.

Obviously, I'm talking about mail order here. If you have a local camera shop then you should go in and have a play with their demo camera and run a few shots of with that.

Anyway, sorry for derailing the thread!

No offense to you and I'm speaking in general here (not to you), but camera return policies are not so the public can take a test drive, shoot it for 3 weeks and send it back because they say they don't like it. People are people and that would get abused badly.

It just makes no sense to me. When you order a camera mail-order, in my opinion, you just bought it and it has to have a defect to send it back. Especially very expensive top-end cameras. It just makes no business sense, and it is ripe for dishonest and intentional abuse.

Sorry - no lecture intended and again, I don't mean anyone here on this thread. We are just talking about a well-worn subject. There have been threads about this for years on DPR.

No offence taken Greg.  Consider the subject closed, as it's derailing the OP

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