Leica Q2: Manual focus better than expected

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Re: Leica Q2: Manual focus better than expected

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I'm currently looking at purchasing a Q2 and am really encouraged to hear that its manual focus capabilities are excellent. I am a Fuji GFX user and have the GFX100 but I can say that in low light, the manual focus is unusable due to the noisy EVF.

I'm looking for a camera that I can manually focus in low light on the street at night and is not as big as the GFX100. Do you think the Q2 would work?

I have both GFX100 and Q2, I use both of them once they hit the market till this day, the Q2 EVF is not better than GFX100, or I have different GFX100 than yours. Most of the latest mirrorless cameras with EVF see better than human eyes in the low light or in the darkness and depend on how dark the EVF can show a bit of noise.

That's interesting, just tried both in a dimly lit room and the Leica Q2 is streets ahead. Maybe my GFX100 is faulty somehow?

I also read a thread a couple of weeks ago and another GFX100 user said exactly the same, that manual focussing with the GFX was unusable in low light due to EVF noise!

It is possible that you are setting higher magnification on Fujifilm GFX100 that may appear a bit noisy but even then the noise does not make focusing a problem. The Q2 has a fixed 28mm lens attached, therefore, you may want to make a fair comparison using a similar effective focal length. Anyway, I do not see problems with either one.

Maybe?  I'll try again with the 32-64 when I get some time.  Could it be the difference in maximum apertures  f4 v f1.7?

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