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BiscuitoftheSea wrote:

As someone coming from a very basic camera setup and just now getting into the hobby more aggressively with higher end equipment, I get lost in the opinions. If someone is willing to die or have their fingernails removed vs. use one lens, it seems to me that the lens must be horrible.

But that seems to go for every single thing on this forum (

1. How much does the additional 0.61lbs of the Sigma matter?

2. How much does the additional width of the Sigma matter?

3. Are the sharpness differences "real" or are they only something you would see if you are going back and forth between two identical photos

4. Is 24mm important enough to compensate for #1/#2 above plus the additional $250 for the Sigma when I have a 17-28mm lens as well?

5. Is the build quality of the Tamron worrying?

6. Is there a big resale difference between the Tamron and the SIgma?

Sorting through Youtube videos / comments / forums, everything is so polarizing. I feel like rationale thought goes out the window when people start talking about brands (Ford vs. Chevy, Xbox vs. Playstation). Difficult to get real information these days.

1. Yes it is heavier, does it make it unbalanced or harder to carry around or is it just fine or great, that’s personal... people always defend what they like and have and tell you the reasons as it is a fact and probably add a little emotion to it.

2. See number 1.

3. Sharpness is great on both lenses, edge 2 edge. Don't think there is a real winner here.

4. I also have the 17-28, i have been shooting for 6 years on APS-C with lenses started at 16mm(24mm FF) and was convinced it was better. I don’t miss it and really like the 17-28mm, so if i need it it’s there. (It’s a personal choice you have to make yourself)

4a. I wouldn’t change to a F4 lens for 24mm, other people do, again it’s a choice to make where you are happy with.

5. Build quality of the Tamron is nothing to worry about. The reason i got it is probably because of the design/build and other factors of course.

6. Not sure, really hard to say because the Sigma has just landed.

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