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Re: Peak design head

zurubi wrote:

I have taken the new PD tripod to various hikes; it's winter in NM, so it's usually cold.

I really wanted to like this tripod. I think the design of the legs is very ingenious. But the head? It's not the greatest thing. First, there is the issue of the fit to various arca swiss plates, L brackets and all kinds of gizmos that is being discussed in a different thread.

But my main problem is the ergonomics of it. Half of the time I have to use it with gloves (thin, the photo type). Maneuvering that ring and that top clip is awkward, and I don't have big hands. Even the operation is not the best; I own ~4 other ballheads, from the cheap to the insanely expensive RRS, and with any ballhead the ergonomics are much better. Try panning with the PD head! (so now I bought a panning clamp, more iron and weight to carry around).

So now I have mixed feelings. I love that I can pack the tripod very compact, but that head is starting to be a pain. I think I gave it enough time in the outdoors to get a feeling of how it's going to be going forward.

What are your thoughts?

Why not just add a small panning base on top of the peak head.  This one seems to be about 130g and here its £24.

This will clamp into the peak head and provide a further clamp for the camera

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