Rebel T8i to be announced soon

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Re: Rebel T8i to be announced soon

Richrf wrote:

Kirk Sachs wrote:

Richrf wrote:

pacnwhobbyist wrote:

Looks like it has a deeper grip than its predecessor.

Looking forward to seeing how they imaginatively brandish the Cripple Hammer this time. Would two dials with a decent OVF be too much to hope for?

The T(x)i cameras never get two dials or pentaprism. A second dial is one of the big upgrades on the next tier up, the T(x)s.(the t(x)s for the T7i was the 77d) as for pentaprism, you will need to go up two tiers to the (xx)d...

Puting these on lower tier/price cameras wouldn't be to canons advantage...

Yes! The Cripple Hammer is hard at work! Given that Canon is basically moving into oblivion, one could imagine that they would have learned to build cameras that customers want rather than cameras that they want customers to want. I think the Crippled Camera market has vanished and is now dominated by smartphones which is where I'm at and not moving from unless I get a useable DSLR or mirrorless in this price range. But Canon can continue to wield the Cripple Hammer if it wishes. If their goal is another 33% decrease in revenue,I believe they will hit it. Another Crippled DSLR is DOA.

By that logic, Canon should just offer the 1DX for the same price as the 6D... I mean, what is a 6D other than just a crippled 1D?

Also, why do those greedy car companies put out base model cars? It's just a crippled top of the line model....

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