Do you maintain a different system for different photography needs?

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Re: Do you maintain a different system for different photography needs?

I used to believe that modern FF digital cameras are a good fit for most of my needs.

For many years I used Canon FF cameras with a variety of lenses to cover my photographic interests: travel, wildlife, macro, landscape, fashion and kids (mostly mine, sometimes friends'). For a long time (i.e. until my daughter was born), I plainly refused to use mobile phones as cameras.

Years ago I was (un)lucky enough to try out a MF digital during a fashion meetup and I was hooked. So as soon as I could afford it, I bought a second hand MF rig and a few lenses...

Because I am not carrying neither my Canon FF nor my Hasselblad MF all the time, I guess I use 3 types of cameras, although only 2 of them qualify as "system" in my mind:

  1. Hasselblad MF digital back (54*40mm) with 6 lenses for fashion photography
  2. Canon FF with 6 lenses for travel, wildlife, kid and any kind of semi-serious photography when speed and ISO tolerance are required
  3. My smartphone to document my daughter's life when I do not have a camera on me - this one is not a "system" in my mind but I do not feel strongly about this - and I certainly agree that modern smartphones have improved enough to become viable for me, although nowhere near enough to become my primary photography tool

All 3 options are subject to different compromises... none is perfect. And none would cover all of my very personal photographic needs and pet peeves to my satisfaction

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