What lens have the same quality of 35-100mm?

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Re: What lens have the same quality of 35-100mm?

sporanox wrote:

revio wrote:

sporanox wrote:

PistonPhotoUK wrote:

Shame you won't consider the 40-150 2.8, it is a great lens (I would regard it as the best in the system). What's the reason you want to avoid it?

Whats the subject matter you are photographing, and what focal length from the 35-100 do you use the most?

I love the 40-150 pro too but at that time I opt for 35-100mm taking into consideration the dimensions and for now I want to keep the 35-100.

It is not a matter of subjects....I want to shot anything and say woow for what is concerned the colors (so warm) and the neat of the file.


What is "neat" of the file??


You have the 35-100, and want advice on how to find a lens which brings "the same IQ" as it, but what f-lenghts do you want/need? W-out that info I cannot give any recommendations except just bring along a sort of general list of super fine lenses...

It is ok a sort of general list of super fine lenses (below 100 mm).

Thanks in advance


What is the "neat" of the file??

Never seen that word in such circumstance, so just have to ask you.

Thanks in advance!

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