a6400: RAW files not written in RAW + JPEG mode

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Re: a6400: RAW files not written in RAW + JPEG mode

The Rebel Lens wrote:

A few days ago I was shooting with my a6400. I have it set to save images as RAW + JPEG (FINE). After a photoshoot for a friend, I was surprised to discover that for a few images in the middle of my shoot, only JPEGS were saved - no RAWs. This is seen in the attached image exploring my SD card's contents in Explorer.

Has this happened to anybody else? I find it unlikely that I could have accidentally pressed the series of buttons in the middle of my shoot to change to JPEG only and then back to RAW + JPEG later. I'm really concerned because I hope to do more paid shoots in the future, but this could be disastrous in that context.


If you are shooting at 11fps, try shooting at 8fps and see if the issue goes away.

What kind of paid shoot was it, portraits, fast action, sports? If portaits or still shots, 11fps (if that is what you were using) is not neccessary.

What SD card are you using, how fast is it? Maybe a better/faster card might help. I have two of these Sony SD cards and never had any issue with them.

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