How does C1 Pro differ from C1 for Sony?

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Re: How does C1 Pro differ from C1 for Sony?

Alex Ethridge wrote:

I know very, very little about post processing and the software for it.

First off, if C1 for Sony does not support tethered shooting, read here no further. Just answer that and all else is irrelevant to my need.

I have the Sony A7 III but I also shoot Panasonic and Olympus. So comments on that as related to C1 Sony are welcome.

I have looked on the C1 site and I can find nothing that compares C1 Pro to C1 Sony. Also, I looked for a way to ask a question, clicked on "Contact" and it takes me in circles to the same page again that has the "Contact" link but no way to contact anyone, except by a snail mail address.

Also, I can't find a price page for C1 for Sony perpetual license.

Capture One is generally considered to be the best option for tethered shooting. This video should get you up and running:


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