How does C1 Pro differ from C1 for Sony?

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Re: How does C1 Pro differ from C1 for Sony?

Maybe I don't know enough about post processors to ask an intelligent question but I'm gonna' make an attempt anyway.

I am not interested in Express as it does not support tethered shooting and tethered shooting is the sole purpose I am considering C1.  At present, I have no interest in editing.

Concerning tethered shooting, I will be digitizing 35mm slides and I need something that writes directly from the camera to my desktop computer's hard disk.  Can I change the file name on the computer as I shoot or does the camera lock the file name on the computer until the camera is turned off?

Concerning tethering, I know there is Imaging Edge (which I can't get to work even after spending an hour on the phone with Sony Tech Support).  There is Adobe which some say is slow and clunky at tethering, then there is C1.

Are there any other viable tethering softwares?

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