Fuji MUST Update It's 1.4 and 1.2 lenses

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Fuji MUST Update It's 1.4 and 1.2 lenses

I feel that it is time for Fuji to do this, and soon. A lot of new and really exciting camera products will be coming out this and next year from other manufacturers and yes, including Fuji themselves. The XT4 and (maybe the XH2) are supposed to be out soon. All really cool stuff.

But what about the 23/35 1.4 and the 1.2 56mm lenses with old technology AF? I'm sure the f2 lenses are just fine but I'm sorry, for shooting paid jobs mostly in bad light the f2 lenses with inferior coatings don't cut it for me. I would like those fantastic 1.4 lenses to be updated in the AF department. Don't touch it's existing coatings.

IQ wise the lenses are perfect but I don't see the point in continue buying new Fuji cameras and continue using the same lenses with old internal AF mechanism. I mean, at first they were all awesome as a hobby. No doubt.

Everyone else is coming out with newer lenses and more modern cameras, mainly Canon, Nikon and Sony. Canon is supposed to come out with new stuff this year as well and it's starting to look VERY attractive.

I feel that Fuji's 1.4 lenses and the 56mm are MUST have tools for the job and for doing paid jobs I just don't see myself relying on the old 1.4 lenses. The AF don't inspire confidence and IMHO they are not built for reliable long lasting heavy use.

I don't do BIF stuff and don't own or use long lenses so these lens focal range is very important to me but if Fuji doesn't update these lenses then I'm probably going to have to spend several thousands on a different brand.

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