Performance of a9 focusing stopped down in AF-C in low light?

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Re: Performance of a9 focusing stopped down in AF-C in low light?

Sentenza wrote:

aSevenArr wrote:

So... I suggest that you simply try follow this query link here on YouTube - loads of videos exist on using the A9 in low light (or try your own A9 in dim rooms/cupboards):

Show me ONE video, just one, that adresses the topic discussed here. The topic is not "Using the a9 in low light", the topic is "Using the a9 in low light at smallish apertures and for moving subjects".

This topic is blatantly ignored all over Youtube by all the youtubers/influencers/ambassadors/whatever.

I have watched the above video from Mark Galer a few times. I think he basically said "don't do that" in that video from my interpretation.

I have shot a few low light events in the last 2 months and had to experiment a number of options. It was stressful when you pressed the AF botton and it did not lock focus...

For the lens to open wide to AF and then stop down, the lens cannot have focus shift problems. I don't know if Sony lenses are up for this type of application.

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