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Lens Thread Vice - Lens Savior

It finally happened, that horrible accident where the tripod gets backed into, tips, falls and the Canon 1Dx MkII with its 24-70mm lens bashes to the floor!

Thankfully, the UV filter took the shock of the impact, its glass fracturing and tagging it as a casualty.

But there was a problem.  The remains of the UV filter had somehow fused to the lens and no amount of twisting force could turn it loose so it could be removed and discarded.

I fretted over this for nearly three weeks, thinking about pipe wrenches and table vices.  I ordered and tried a strap wrench. It had a rubber strap and would not scar the lens, I thought.  But it didn't work.

I was about to take my favorite lens to the repair shop when I discovered online a thing called a Lens Thread Vice by Neewer.  I ordered it.

By the time I got it, nearly a month and half had passed since the accident.  But you know ... it, in combination with the strap wrench, snapped free the remains of that filter and gave me back my lens with not a nick.   And of course, the camera did not suffer either.

Neewer Lens Thread Vice and Filtrete 6" Strap Wrench.

I wanted to take this photo with the 24-70mm lens, but to get the overhead shot, the lens and camera were too heavy for the perpendicular mount and the head kept slipping.  So I used an 85mm lens.   Sorry about the shadows as I did not have time to setup reflectors or a fill for this FYI shot.

The repair service would have charged about $32 and the lens vice cost about $29.

The strap wrench, BTW, is a handy thing to have when things get stuck, like tripod heads and they don't want to easily twist off.   Strap Wrench to the rescue.

I hereby endorse these two tools.  They are both worth having.

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