Your experience trading in used equip to B&H/Adorama

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Re: Your experience trading in used equip to B&H/Adorama

KX-TGE wrote:

Do not send it to adorama. They will give you false quotes about your product. I called for a quote on a A7III and a 24-70 Gmaster. The quote that was give to me was 3600, when I finally called that quote was changed to 2,500. I rejected the quote asked for my product back and was told it would be shipped to me overnight. The following day I received a phone call from Adorama letting me know they would offer me more money(2,700). Once again I rejected the offer and was told my equipment would be sent to me. The next day it was the same experience but this offer was $3,000, but I still refused and at this point I was frustrated but I finally received my product about a week and a half later. I chose to disregard this experience and give them a second chance this time selling a S1R with a 24-105 Leica lens. This package was fairly new, only taken out of the box once for inspection so I called, got a quote for 70% of $4,100, so I was expecting around $2,800. A week and a half later I call adorama and the man offered me $2200. I explained to him the quote I received and the representative who gave me this quote. He refused to honor the quote and he refused to even give me an extra $100 for the misleading quote. I even explained about my previous experience and refuted the claims. I ultimately sold to them because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle, haggle and headache they were about to put me through. I would suggest to looo for BH Photo or KEH

I'm sorry this was your experience with our Trade team. If you have a moment, can you please send me your quote number so I can review what happened here. My email is

Nancy Miller
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