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Re: Laowa 9mm

noisebeam wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

I saw a thread on here about a Laowa 9 mm which looks interesting. I hear it has a vignetting problem, but it's worst wide open. There is no information on how much better it does stopped down. I wouldn't shoot it wide open.

This review claims:

There's also a serious vignette—darkened edges and corners—even when narrowing the f-stop. It's most prounced at f/2.8, with the corners of the frame falling behind the center by 4.9 stops (-4.9EV). The deficit closes as you stop down—we see -3.7EV at f/4, -3.2EV at f/5.6, -2.9EV at f/8, and about -2.7EV at smaller settings.

Seems to defeat the benefit of being fast if one doesn't desire vignetting for arts sake. I've seen references to this in other reviews and many of the samples I've seen show very obvious vignetting. I'd like to be proven otherwise as I want this lens

Thanks for that info.

I don't care much about speed on wide lenses.  I guess I would if I started shooting astro.

I do care about the width, minimizing distortion, and minimizing vignetting and other edge problems.  Sometimes the edges of architectural pictures are important.  Many of mine are to promote real estate, and you never know what part of the picture is important to a prospective buyer.

This is how I got stuck with the giant FF beast.  Maybe I should keep it for architecture and use an M for everything else.  Looking at the performance of the M6ii, I see little reason for the big sensor, but the wide lenses are another matter.

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