Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

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Re: Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

1llusive wrote:

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

beatboxa wrote:

You can already program it for BBF

I just personally find it uncomfortable after a while. But if you want to set it up, go to the custom menu > controls, and you can set the joystick push to "AF-On".

See my post here from when the Z's first came out:

I had been thinking about making a custom solution for a while which involved making a little joystick over the joystick...maybe it's time to just do it...

In my situation, having the joystick act as BBF would never work. I have it set to bring the focus point back to center. Even that is extremely frustrating. I wind up pushing it numerous times before getting it to center the focus point.

My problem is neuropathy in my hands. Pushing buttons is akin to anyone else doing the same thing while wearing relatively heavy gloves. I have difficulty finding buttons without looking for them. Then, I move the joystick sideways before I can push it straight in.

I know I'm in the minority with my condition, but I'm certainly not alone with this issue. The tiny joy sticks on cameras are frustrating, at best.

I also have hand issues and the hard press of the AF-ON simply will not work for me. A few times, sure, but never for a full shoot. The ease of the shutter press is so much better and I actually hold the camera steadier that way.

I set the joystick click to enable/disable the grid as I didn't see any other compelling option.

My problems are slightly different. I have difficulty finding buttons. However, muscle memory allows me to get on the AF-On button easily. At that point, all I need to do is press. I can do that. Other buttons are more difficult to find by feel.

My bigger problem is being able to press a button straight in with no side movement. Of course, that's not a problem for the AF-ON button. The joystick is another issue. I most often move it sideways when attempting to just push it. As I stated, I use it to bring the focus point back to the center. I rarely achieve that the first time, or even the second. I usually cause it to take off towards the border before I can get it to just go to the center.

I've been using BBF for so many years that going back to using the shutter button for initiating focus would be almost impossible. I'd have to relearn shooting. And, I don't have enough feeling to just half press. I'd always be shooting unintentionally.

I sympathize with anyone with neuropathy. It can be quite a disability. Mine is actually pretty minor compared to many people. Anyone with arthritis maybe has even worse problems. None of it is any fun.

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