Super glue to fix camera

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Super glue to fix camera

Can't remember last time I started 2 threads in a day, wow.

To make a long story short, I've broken the battery holder of a camera I'm so fond of I can't risk the absolute tiniest damage.

This battery holder is made of plastic (yeah, I know), and goes into the camera body.

I'm thinking of using Loctite's super glue, which will be used only in the plastic parts of such holder.

Glue won't touch any pin, connection or electrical part inside the camera.

Just a plastic surface.

But I hate the fact it produces fumes, and a white colored residue when in touch with plastics.

Would such fumes harm my camera's eletronics when the holder sits inside its chamber?

BTW, I'm not saying which camera that is, so it doesn't get attention in the replies.

I'm just worried if glue fumes or plastic residues can harm electronics.

Is it 100% safe?

Best regards,
Marcio Napoli

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