Do you maintain a different system for different photography needs?

Started Jan 25, 2020 | Discussions thread
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Yes, 7

Frequent use

Medium-sized invertebrates using flash - small sensor Panasonic FZ200 bridge camera with Raynox close-up lenses and Venus Optics KX800 twin flash.

Small invertebrates using flash - MFT Panasonic G9 with 45-175 and different Raynox close-up lenses and different KX800 with different diffuser setup.

Botanical subjects using available light - different G9 with Olympus 60mm macro.

Occasional use

General purpose carry-around - small sensor superzoom, Panasonic TZ90.

Common birds in flight - APS-C Canon 70D with EF-S 55-250.

Cloudscapes and sunsets - FF Sony A7ii and 24-240.

Large invertebrates, using available light - depends on what I have with me at the time, could be FZ200, G9 with 45-175 or 70D with 55-250, any of these with, or without, a Canon close-up lens.

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