Do you maintain a different system for different photography needs?

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I did for many years, but not now.

When I bought my D700 and D90, it wasn't possible to get small/light FF cameras but APS-C was definitely a compromise.

Then I swapped the D90 for a Fuji Xpro1, which was a lot better. In fact, a lot of the time it was better than the D700.

So I upgraded it to a D800, which was certainly better than the Xpro1, but then I got an Xpro2 and realised I was already past the point where it would make much difference in an A2 print.

So, I sold all the Nikon gear and never looked back. I have a great portrait lens (56 f/1.2) and a good sensor, and my backup body is a compact XE2 with a 27mm pancake, which really does fit in a coat pocket.

I don't shoot sport or wildlife, so I'm set. I don't think I will ever need another system, but a GFX100 would be on the list following a lottery win... just for kicks

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