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Pentax made several errors in strategy

bob5050 wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

If you use Nikon or Canon, you are supposed to use several of the FF lenses for APS-C.

Whereas with Pentax you can use either DA or D-FA lenses, which makes things like the Ltds possible. Why force APS-C users to carry inevitably heavier FF glass?

FF glass is not so heavy as the tech that moves that glass around. Nikon's primes that use screw drive are also smallish and very good. But in the digital era, Pentax slightly cheated its way to produce very small lenses only because they used a screw-drive. But the screw-drive was already a dead end.

With a more sophisticated motor(s), it all becomes bulkier.

As Roland said before, there is no free lunch.

Pentax made choices, Ricoh made choices afterwards. Pentax believed they will never have to make an FF camera again and focused entirely on the APS-C. Nikon and Canon too made choices, and they opened up a possibility there will be an FF in the future.

In the long run, decisions made by Nikon and Canon seem to be smarter or at least, less exhausting.

  1. focus on the screwdrive,
  2. never releasing updates to their crucial lenses,
  3. no initial vision for the FF,
  4. no serious anticipation of the mirrorless
  5. not taking AF seriously

Pentax / Ricoh made several errors in strategy, which cost them a lot.

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