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EOS GUY wrote:

the old and new horizons.

The horizon of exploring the outer world and now driven inside of the techno-mind....

What do think about the possibility of the technological singularity martin?

Is Ray Kurzweil a prophet for our future times...?

Nice shot

Thanks Leon! Haha, technological singularity. Kurzweil might end up a prophet but I think Isaac Asimov with 'The Last Question' has him beat by a good 50 years

In case you're not familiar with this short story: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByoueGSWXluVVUtHYnRJVEg4YnM

What do I think? I think Isaac saw the future, he just didn't predict it'd be a damn soul-draining, society-killing, dehumanizing smartphone that would start the entire process

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