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Re: XT4 announce, ship and Corona

Fuji Maine wrote:

Alright so Feb 26th announce date for the XT4 and will ship "by the end of March" according to clickbait rumors. Let us just assume that's correct. If it's available through retailers mid March and per usual the retailers have the product on hand about a week before release that means the cameras are likely already on their way. Maybe the containers are just getting loaded on a ship but I'd think if they haven't already, they'd be leaving port any day now. If those cameras were made in China in the last few weeks they have had premium exposure to Coronavirus. This may be a really stupid question but how long can that live for and in what environment? I'm not asking because I'd be so concerned as to not buy one but I've got to wonder if some countries actually shut off ports of every to Chinese products for a hot minute to get containment under control. Made me curious if someone with knowledge on the topic of disease or shipping might have a couple cents of knowledge to share.

Most virus can survive in a surface for less than 24 hours.

So, control yourself,  hold tight  and do not lick or kiss the camera for 24 hours and you are safe!

Mario (MD)

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