Do you maintain a different system for different photography needs?

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Re: Do you maintain a different system for different photography needs?

Malsam wrote:

I’ve been shooting Canon for the most part of my photographic life and now that I’ve turned into a hobbyist rather than a earning for a living, I have since switched to other more practical systems.

Not sure does others feel the same, but if you shoot different genure of photography and have been enjoying and demanding about it, its practically not that possible to stick to 1 system. For the most of us, we pick the one that we enjoy the most and compromise the others.

Do you guys miss a past system that you have given up for your #2 or #3 genure for your photography? Eg. I’ve missed my Canon tilt shifts and Fujifilm SOOC jpegs for fast social sharing.

I have a Fuji XT30 that I use mostly for street phoitography, mainly for if it gets stolen or broken, it's a sub-$1000 camera.  I don't feel comfortable carrying my $3000 Nikons into those situations, so yes, I do use different cameras for different things.  Sometimes I will use the Fuji for other things as well (so not just street) but I rarely (almost never) use my NIkons for street photography.

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