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I can not see the point of releasing this lens. I own 35 f2 and it is ok.

I also own 18-55, but get 16-50 and use it most of the time, but there I have 16mm vs 18mm and half the weight.

But only the weight is not enough for this replace.

I hoped for 35-70mm f2 or f2.8

What's not to get, it's not about weight really as it's a small lens anyway and same or similar optical formula, it's about COST.

And personally at the entry level, or people stepping up from phone cams, I think they'll be way happier with the difference and "look" of a prime vs a variable aperture zoom.

You don't have to buy the lens (or any lens) for your personal needs to understand why Fuji would make it, two different concepts. There's lots of Fuji lenses I don't want, but I understand why they make them, and who would want them. Same thing here.

In a time long ago and a land far away, Nikon released three new lenses to the sound of trumpets and great fanfare. They were lower cost plastic housing versions of three of their popular lenses for about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the regular lenses. They were the E series lenses offered in 35, 50 and 100 f2.8. Optically they were good lenses. They were housed in plastic vs. metal lenses but optically they were good.

They were extremely popular since you got get good lenses for a reasonable price. They were quite popular. A person with a FM or FE could have a kit of 3 good lenses for the same price as one of the Nikkor line lenses. Smart move.

I see this is a similar move on the part of Fuji. Most likely it will turn out to be a smart move and provide a lower cost entry point for a Fuji system which will allow them to expand their market.

Yeah, it's a gateway to get them into the brand instead of going Canon / Sony / Nikon. I don't see it hurting sales, but helping sales. Sure, some users might only ever buy the initial kit, but a lot of them will start buying other lenses as their skills increase and their pocket books become fatter.

Exactly. It is about selling the system. The vast majority of these XC lenses will be sold as a kit with the lower tier bodies.

Think about the market stratification. That adds at least 3 probably 5 more Fujifilm boxes to the shelf of every major dealer that sells Fuji. Add the special or limited offer kits that have multiple lenses.

This adds a variety of new value propositions, where the math may “add up” for more consumers. More WILL choose  Fujifilm X.

All with minimal R&D outlay, just a cheaper gown on the same girl and some new boxes. A smart move!

would I like to see something new? Yes! Would I like to see some mkII versions? Absolutely! This was something they needed to do right now? An emphatic yes.

Can I afford any lens right now? No😢

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