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Man I love science, although my area is more the biological sciences.

When I first decided to take photography seriously as a habit I went back to my school physics notes and re-studied light diffraction through a lens. So much fun, right?

That was awesome input LoneTree1 even though most of it was over my head.

I too like the way some images are rendered with less than perfect lenses. They are more `spiritual' than perfect reproductions.

And I also love images produced crispy sharp as well. Both have their appeal under their own circumstances.

And I love the science involved. It might be that my old lenses don't resolve well enough for the Nikon D850 although I can see now it's way more complex than I thought. But even if they don't resolve as well, maybe that will be the advantage of using an old lens on a large mpix sensor?

Sensors now have enough pixels so they are somewhat intolerant of the aberrations of old lenses. Each time a new, higher-megapixel camera comes out, people say their lenses "aren't as sharp" as they thought. The lenses of course haven't changed and in-fact, may deliver higher resolution than with the lower mp camera, even if at first glance images seem softer. Depends on the lens.

It’s a glass half full interpretation though. The new glass is better, but also very different and with other trade offs.

Control of aberrations should be first. Everything else should be second.

If you say so....

In this order:

1. Spherical abberation.

2. CA, chromatic abberation.

3. Coma

4. Distortion

5. Vignetting

6. Bokeh

Spherical aberration can be a good thing if you want a softer image. Numbers 2 to 4 are always bad. Vignetting is very seldom wanted, and could be added in post.

Bokeh doesn't fit in a list of faults, as it can be nice or nasty.

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