Z50 and opting out of the 50-250mm - thoughts?

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Re: Z50 and opting out of the 50-250mm - thoughts?

vbuhay wrote:

Kenny08 wrote:

I'm thinking of picking up a Z50 as a secondary body to the D500. Use will be for traveling, and stationary bird photography with the 200-500mm. I currently own the Nikon AF-P 10-20mm, AF-P 18-55mm and the AF-S 18-140mm.

My thought is to purchase the Z50 with the FTZ adapter and the 16-50mm lens and skip the 50-250mm. I might instead purchase an AF-P 70-300mm down the road instead and use it with the FTZ adapter.

Thoughts anyone?

I did get the 2 lens kit the day it was released + the FTZ adapter which was reduced to $99....I have not used the FTZ after doing some test with the 200-500 and the Tamron 150-600 G2 and G1.....I have decided to make this my Travel and Disneyland kit which I can pocket with the 16-50 and the 50-250 on the other pocket...

see my notes on early results - https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63307341

I have been using these for casual events and more....Here are some images from Yosemite....

3 or 4 frame stitched - Tunnel View Yosemite



z50+16-50: Ansel Adams Gallery Yosemite...

Beautiful photos of Yosemite!

I bought the Z50 with only the 16mm-50mm kit lens, and later bought the 50mm-250mm telephoto lens. That lens is inexpensive, by Nikon standards, even when bought alone.

I have found, in my very unscientific experiences, that the Z50 is pretty well balanced with the FTZ and a lens like the 70mm-300mm AF-P (FX) lens. The overall weight is very manageable since AF-P lenses are relatively light and focusing is quick and snappy. Of course with the 50mm-250mm you lose a little telephoto reach but it's even smaller and lighter than the Z50 with the FTZ and 70mm-300mm lens.

The bottom line is I am glad I picked up the Z 50mm-250mm lens. It is small and light, and along with the 16mm-50mm makes for a very small travel camera or camera and lenses for the the days you want to travel light.

As an aside I tried the Z50 with the FTZ and the 150mm-600mm Sigma Contemporary lens yesterday and found it much more difficult to shoot birds in flight, especially since the camera is small.  I definitely need to learn the Z50 autofocusing system as well, which may improve my experiences, but handholding the Z50 with a large lens like the Sigma is definitely more challenging, and a camera like the D500, which is of course much larger and heavier, is better suited for a large lens like the Sigma.

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