Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

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Re: Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

BSiler wrote:

beatboxa wrote:

BSiler wrote:

In another thread, someone pointed out that there is a round-about way to get focus confirmation in AF-C. This is an interesting feature I didn't know about:

It's just a quicker way to instantly turn on focus peaking while manually focusing.

Exactly. And a way to instantly go back to AF-C. I haven't played with this capability much yet, but I think it might be useful. Without going through the "i" menu, I can instantly switch back and forth between manual focus and AF-C mode. A little turn of the focus ring puts the camera in MF; touch the BBF and it's back to AF-C. All without taking my eye from the viewfinder.

I use it all the time, and it is not at all the same thing as focus confirmation in AF-C.

AF-C means the camera is continuously focusing automatically; and confirmation would tell you instantaneously while focusing whether or not it's in focus.

The issue at hand is that when using this method, if the camera is already in focus during AF-C, the only way to confirm would be to manually push the camera out of focus and then back in focus, since the trigger is overriding focus by moving the ring. And doing so sort of defeats the purpose of AF-C and of focus confirmation.  If you're going to do this, you might as well just use AF-S and continuously toggle AF-On.

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